Friday, March 17, 2023

Clark County officials push for state law to seal, clear minor marijuana offenses

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) -Clark County officials are working to push a state law to seal or clear minor marijuana offenses for Nevadans.

Clark County discussed the issue at the last Board of Commissioners meeting. According to officials, mass record-sealing must be done with a change to state law.

“The governor’s already pardoned everyone with a marijuana offense. So we just have to get that out of the system,” said Commissioner Tick Segerblom, who would like a legislative proposal closer to expungement, and broaden the application to misdemeanor marijuana offenses.

Governor Steve Sisolak pardoned Nevadans with offenses prior to 2017, if they possessed an amount of marijuana allowed by current state law. Nevadans must apply for a pardon.

The Nevada Second Chance Act allows people to seal their records with the court.

“As long as the records exists somewhere, people are being punished,” Segerblom said. “Utah’s actually done this already. A lot of cities in California have done it, the state of California has tried to do it,” he said.

The Source+ has been holding free record-sealing clinics for Nevadans, and Simon Nankervis advocates for full expungement.

“We as a state should be at the forefront of what is needed to be done to right the injustice of people that were convicted of minor marijuana offenses,” Nankervis said. “As a state, we have to move towards expungement.”

Record-sealing prevents public searches, but agencies such as police, law enforcement and courts can access your prior records. Expungement deletes them from your record.

The Source+ has a free record-sealing clinic with Minorities for Medical Marijuana, Saturday March 26 from 12 to 4 p.m. at 2550 South Rainbow Boulevard.

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