Thursday, September 29, 2022

Cannabis dispensary expands facility

BROOKLAND, Ark. (KAIT) – Friday afternoon, NEA Full Spectrum had a grand reopening of the dispensary.

General Manager Lance Huey says although the dispensary opened in December 2019, he quickly realized some expansion had to be done.

“A lot of [dispensaries in Arkansas] made changes and upgrades as the need arose, and we’ve done that. We’ve answered those questions,” Huey said.

Changes included more space inside, a shaded outdoor area for customers waiting in line, and a growing area.

Huey mentioned that staff and customers offered suggestions during the pandemic like a “drive-thru window”, but he says it was “prevented by the law” to do so.

He adds that staff and customers come from all over Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri to visit the dispensary.

Customers who waited in line told Region 8 News medical marijuana helped them with ailments such as seizure, post-cancer pains, and ADHD.

To enter NEA Full Spectrum, you must have an Arkansas medical marijuana ID.

78,300 Arkansans have a medical marijuana ID.

In Northeast Arkansas, there is only one cannabis dispensary.

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